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Cygnus Controls



Cygnus, IPSO's state-of-the-art control platform, sets a new standard for laundry management by offering cost savings and unlimited flexibility for any laundry environment. By combining advanced technology with dependable IPSO equipment, we're delivering new levels of efficiency and outstanding wash results. Cygnus is available in three versions: Cygnus Select and Ultra for OPL and Cygnus Vended for coin.



  • Infrared connectivity - allowing you to easily program cycles from anywhere using a PC or laptop, giving you increased flexibility when managing your operations.
  • History logs and service reminders that lets technicians better prevent and diagnose issues. Service calls are easier and downtime is minimized.
  • Universal symbols and overlay text in English and Spanish maximizes the usability of the equipment.
  • Six wash cycles to allow for the needed flexibility of on-premises laundry operations.

  • CYGNUS ULTRA offers all of the features of Cygnus Select plus:

  • Large LCD displays with universal symbols that make IPSO machine operation easy and intuitive.
  • 18 wash cycles - including 10 optimized wash programs and an additional 8 wash functions like soak, hold, adjustable final spin and rapid advance for unlimited customization.
  • The ability to modify all parameters (temperature, time, water level, speed) of the wash program in seconds to maintain the labor efficiency of laundry operations.
  • The Eco Button - minimizing water consumption and maximizing utility savings.

  • CYGNUS VENDED offers:

  • Universal symbols are easily understandable
  • Display text available in English and Spanish
  • One-touch start: choose program, press start and cycle begins
  • Five optimized wash cycles
  • Pre-wash cycle modifier can be added to any of the five wash cycles for a total of ten selectable wash cycles and pricing combinations
  • Time-of-day pricing allows operator to choose between two price points and select hour blocks where each is in effect
  • Test program with error message for main functions
  • Infrared connection to program cycles from a PC or laptop

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